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50 gm

💥 SoaPrise Herbal Hair colour 💥

When utilizing natural products, bear in mind that each one reacts and colors your hair differently. 

Depending on hair type and condition, each person's results will be varied and unique.

No allergies or sinus infection reported so far 

The color takes about 2 days to oxidize and reveal its actual tone. 

For healthy, thick and shiny black hair, repeat the process once a month or as & when needed 

Mix the required quantity ( varies based on hair length & thickness) with water & bring to creamy consistency 

No soaking needed 

Use a brush to apply as it stains ur nails 

Let stay on hair for 20 minutes- 1 hour 

Wash with mild shampoo 

Apply on clean non oily hair for best results 

Use mild shampoo so that colour stays long 

The herbal hair colour contains no harmful chemicals giving better and healthier results, shinier hair, a more vibrant colour and eliminates breakage

It shields your hair from getting affected due to external pollution, dust and dirt. 

It is made out of 100 percent natural herbs and extracts like indigo, shikakai, brahmi and manjistha , walnut shell powder , henna , Amla, tea , coffee , eucalyptus oil , clove oil.

Colour stay varies with every person based on how long you 
soaked on hair , how often you wash your hair , pollution , shampoo , water & hair type ! 

Clients say it lasts for minimum 2 weeks , for some it stays for a month too ! 

Transfer the contents to airtight container for further use



Herbal hair colour BURGUNDY

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