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Makeup Cleansing Balms are rich, butter-like solid cleansers that remove makeup and dirt from your face. They are travel-friendly and hassle-free as all you need is to scope out a little product and massage it onto your skin. These cleansing balms melt out your makeup and you can either easily remove them with a wet towel or wash with water as they emulsify. With goodness of sweet almond oil & Rose Geranium essential oil 🧡

179₹/25 gm
99₹/15 gm 
49/5 gm

1. On top of being a fantastic moisturizing cleanser and a non-toxic makeup remover, this cleansing balm has few other superpowers!
2. Can be used as overnight face cream
3. Relief for dry elbows or heels
4. All purpose balm
5. Doesn’t rip off the skin
6. The solid state of balm makes it perfect for travel

Face cleanser ( balm)

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